Sell Sell Sell!

While saving money is one way to get through hard times, it doesn’t hurt to get more income, too. Finding things to sell is a good way to get a cash boost.

“The economy hasn’t been great for five or eight years, so there’s always been people selling what they don’t want anymore,” said Ted Wilson, owner of Replay Entertainment Exchange in East Lansing Michigan. People who are upgrading from DVD to BluRay or who are switching to a new video game system sometimes bring in entire collections to sell.

Others turn to garage and yard sales to earn a little more income. Those methods may only draw in people who live nearby or who happen to pass by during the sale – and sales rarely take place for longer than a few days. By listing items for sale online, people from around the country or even on the other side of the world can take a gander at what you’ve got to sell any time at all.

Online auction site eBay has long been used to turn attic treasures into money. Other venues for resale online include and Barnes and Noble’s online site,, for books.

Closer to home, there are resale shops around town that buy used goods such as children’s clothes, CDs, DVDs and video games.



  1. bruce c said

    Good article. Thanks.
    I see all these “we buy gold” ads everywhere now. Everybody is getting in that game: jewery shops, pawn shops, specialty gold buyers

  2. scott mortensen said

    That right. Those gold buyers are everywhere now. And it gets on my nerves.

  3. Jane McDaniels said

    I ended up dropping off my cds at a place that ships them to resell overseas. I didnt want the hassle of having to sell them off separately and with all the time and nonsense of paying dues to ebay to sell my stuff. I just wanted them out of my house. I ended up shipping them to this guy in NY (since my local record store was no help) and they sent me back a check. It was pretty simple and the shipping was free, bonus. I think it was in Long Island City.

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