For sale: Second-hand MP3s! Whats happening with Bopaboo?

The new website claiming to have set up an online system for selling “used” or secondhand MP3s appears to be stalling on startup. The startup website announced the end of 2008 a new service that offers the unlikely prospect of selling your MP3s, uploading songs in the same way that you would trade in used CDs.

However, the difference between an MP3 and a used CD is that even after you give it away (or sell it), it’s probably still on your computer. Create or upload a copy and the original is still there on your desktop unless you delete it.
That didn’t bother Bopaboo. “Stop illegally sharing and start legally selling!” they bellowed on their website. ”
Bopaboo presumes that any song uploaded to the site is legally obtained, and they plan to make users sign a contract saying so. But just as used CD shops can be places to launder ill-gotten goods, so could a filesharer upload their latest torrent’s-worth of songs – and then turn a tidy profit from clueless Bopaboodniks.

The current status of Bopahoo is questionable. No FTC investigation of the service has yet been made public. Entry to the site is denied except by invitation during their beta phase. My request for invitation is currently unanswered.
Have any of you have an account established with Bopahoo? Are you able to gain access to the site and buy and sell MP3s? Leave a comment and let us know (please)!


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  1. George Mills said

    I used to be able to login to bopaboo months ago but can not longer gain access.

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