Make Money Reselling Used DVDs, CDs and Video Games

I am often asked if there is profit selling dvds , cds or books online. My answer always is there is little profit margin found in selling new product. But if you consider buying and selling USED there is opportunity there for you still. This business plan calls for a little work upfront to search for product. You will need to ferret out used dvds and cds at garage sales and thrift stores.

Your main challenge will be buying the right items when you are on the road at a sale. Some prices may be worthless and others could be out of print and carry great value. As long as i have been in the business i still am not able to determine which items are buys. It makes no difference if you can recognize an item as popular or as newer or old. A database of market prices is necessary. If you utilize technology and come equipt with your Android powered mobile phone with its built in camera you can quickly scan barcodes quickly at garage sales to determine value. Just goto the Android Market to download MediaScanner. Its a free app. 

Want to find out if it is worth while buying that Mary Poppins DVD for $2 at a yardsale? Why take the chance buying it if it is only worth $1.00 on the internet? With MX123 mobile access you can access prices by entering the 12 digit UPC number for the item into your mobile phone and find MX123 will pay you $7.00 when selling this item; and the lowest Amazon Marketplace price is $13. Yes it is worth the buy!

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  1. bob haskins said

    interesting idea. Ill look into this.

  2. genobeno said

    Any ideas/suggestions how to set up a barcode scanner with a mobile phone?

    • I by all mean am not a technical expert but can point you in the right direction. Depending up the type of mobile phone you have there are software compatibility issues. If your phone utilizes Windows Mobile you can use Socket barcode scanners. I have a friend that uses a socket scanner and i seams to work well. The scanner is small and discrete.

      This is what i use. I used this to convert a barcode scanner i already had into a mobile scanner – so it funtions like a barcode scanner. This wireless Bluetooth barcode adapter can convert almost any handheld barcode scanner into a Bluetooth barcode scanner. Requires a standard Symbol, Metrologic, Datalogic barcode scanner with any Windows Mobile phone or Symbian S60 3rd mobile phone. The majority of today’s Nokia mobile phones are based on Symbian. HTC mobile phones are based on Windows Mobile. Price: under $100. Barcode scanner sold separately.

  3. teachersalary said

    Thanks for the good article. It makes since to buy dvds this way. Wholesale prices are so high that it is impossible to make a buck reselling them.

  4. susan said

    found this on cool

  5. genobeno said

    Another solution: you can download the pricing database onto a pda and pay a provider to supply you with the amazon database and software.

  6. savinggurl said

    You can also buy & sell used books the same way, and many sites handle all 4; dvds, games, cds and books. A great site that will let you compare price quotes from about 30 different online buyback sites is They also have a mobile app. They focus on book buying sites, but a number of the sites also buy other media. Another site you can sell to (dvds, games, cds and books) is You can get paid cash or trade for ipods and other electronics.

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