Pricing of used video games.

Great article here on how used Video Games are priced by retailers. A very interesting topic to do an in-depth behind the scenes report on.

I’ve been wondering what the deal was with used game pricing since I bought the 360 version of Guitar Hero II for $35 a little while after GH3 came out. Naturally I thought it would have been recently marked down, so I peeled off the pricing sticker to check the ones behind it to see how much the game used to cost.

Lo-and-behold, the game was actually marked UP. It had been $29 before GameStop raised the price by $6. Needless to say I was not happy and returned the game immediately.

Note to those who work at Gamestop: when you mark UP a used game, peel the cheaper sticker off the case. It just may save you a pissed off customer, which nobody likes to deal with.

Ron McCardle,


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