Amazon Testing a Buy Used Box

Ron McCardle, DVD

On November 17, Amazon launched a pilot program of a new feature call the Buy Used Box.

Used goods have been available on Amazon for a while in the Amazon Marketplace, but it’s a very unfriendly, level of clicks to get there.

The “Buy Used Box” works much like, and is positioned just below, the Buy Box on a product detail page. It gives customers a quick way to initiate the purchase process by adding a “Used” media item to their shopping carts.

Only qualified sellers may compete for the Buy Used Box. Qualification is evaluated on the following criteria.

  • Only Pro Merchants who sell media and subscribe to the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service can compete for the Buy Used Box.
  • Sellers can learn more about signing up for the FBA service in your Seller Account and on the website.

I find the market prices for the FBA merchants are generally higher than the general Amazon Marketplace  because there are fewer sellers in that program.  No word yet if Marketplace merchants are ever to be included.


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  1. rubelious said

    It seems that the sellection of games they buy is very limited

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