Gamestop Sued: Accused of Deceptive Used Game Practices

Ron McCardle, DVD

GameStop Used Game Lawsuit [Mar 26, 2010, 11:42 am ET] – Share – Viewing Comments A lawsuit has been filed in the Northern District of California against GameStop, citing deceptive practices relating to used game sales. IGN has details on the suit, which stems from a customer buying a used copy of Dragon Age: Origins with the belief that additional DLC was available for free based on the cover blurb. Of course this DLC is part of the new trend intended to impede used-game sales, which the customer learned when they tried to get the DLC, which set them back an additional $15.00, making their final purchase price for the used game $10.00 more than the cost of a brand-new copy (that sound you hear is EA execs exchanging high-fives).

This free content is obtained with a one-time-use download code, which is entered into a digital storefront such as Xbox Live. However, after that code is used by a games’ original owner, the code expires, and the content is only then available by paying an extra fee.

The problem is that GameStop allegedly deceives consumers by not making clear that the content is not included for free with a used game. “In short, as a result of GameStop’s deceptive and misleading practices, consumers who purchase used games from GameStop unknowingly find that they must pay an additional fee to access the full game they thought they purchased,” the complaint said.

 IGN has a copy of the complaint and an article on this on Gamasutra offers thoughts from an analyst saying that GameStop will probably be able to remedy this problem by affixing stickers to used games clarifying DLC availability.


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