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Sell Used DVDs Blog Editor, Ron Melquist:
Always been into film….. Growing up in the 80’s obviously saw the height of video rentals….. THERE WERE MORE RENTAL STORES THAN GROCERY STORES… You would have 3 or 4 rental stores in one street, with some being VHS and some being BETAMAX… How could you not get into film growing up in this era….

Started collecting laserdiscs. moved onto dvd, Hd and Blu and have kept a few thousand on the way. Tend to keep more unusual boxsets and special editions these days, but will always get the top films….

I have been into Homecinema for so long I like anything from EIghties Horror that I grew up with, right up to the best action film, mastered straight onto a 1080p Blu, with Full HD Audio……If I really was pushed I would narrow my preferences to HORROR…. and A REALLY GOOD ASIAN SUB……..

My Infulences…
80’s Horror, Asian Cinema, Dolby Prologic, Laserdisc PAL, Laserdisc NTSC, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital 5.1, Digital Theatre Systems 5.1, Dolby Digital EX 6.1, dtsES 6.1, HD-DVD, Blu-Ray….. …. Future????



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